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Camping trips

Next weekend, my boyfriend and I, and another couple, want to go camping. In the past, we've done the canoe trip from Sauk City to Spring Green/Hwy 14. We love the camping that provides--being on the sand dunes keeps away the bugs, and on non-holiday weekends, you don't have to worry about other people at all.

Unfortunately though, a canoe trip is kind of expensive--for a three day trip for each couple, the canoe rental/transportation is about $100 and we usually spend another $100 on food, gas, supplies, and all that fun stuff.

But the no bugs/no people thing is really nice, so we're wondering where else we can get that. We looked at just camping at Point Beach State Park--we could go hiking during the day instead of canoeing--but the map of the campground looks like everyone's sort of packed in together. Has anyone ever been there? Is it usually pretty busy on non-holiday weekends or do you think we'd be able to remain pretty secluded?

Do you have any other recommendations? We're game for pretty much anything that's outdoors, cheap, and not crowded (and no bugs would be nice too! There's only so many mosquito bites one person can take!).

Tags: camping, outdoors, wilderness
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