secret (scarlet_tanager) wrote in cityofmilwaukee,

passport picture

can anyone recommend a place to go to get a passport picture taken on/near the eastside (or even shorewood or glendale)? thanks!
Tags: east side, glendale, passport photos, shorewood
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Walgreens is the cheapest. You can also have it taken at the post office and can submit your passport documents there as well. I believe Walgreens is $10 and the post office is $15?
Walgreens. Cheap and fast. I used the one on Brady.
If you've got AAA, they charge like $8 and there's a place in Glendale - next to that furniture store that's always going out of business (close to bayshore) on the north side of Silver Spring.

I think CVS also does them - but I don't recommend the store on Brady & Farwell for anything to do with photos as there is NEVER anyone working in that department and everyone else is quite clueless.

I think the post office ppl will even check over your documents for you but I know that the Shorewood post office has limited hours for passports - not sure about the station near Cathedral Square tho. ;)

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Yeah - the Downer one isn't very good either... invariably their machines don't work or don't have a functioning USB port.
I used to work in Whitefish Bay and the one on Hampton and Santa Monica was reliable.
But I upload photos online now to Walgreens and they're quite fantastic. ;)