secret (scarlet_tanager) wrote in cityofmilwaukee,

a swimsuit? this time of year??

ok this might be a long shot, but here goes. i'm leaving for the bahamas on monday and i totally slacked on looking into buying a swimsuit. are there any stores in town that might possibly have swimwear in some hidden corner of the store? or even a sporting goods store that might carry swimwear?

thanks so much!!!
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I was in Target last week and they were totally stocking their swimwear for the summer already.
maybe dunham sports or dick's sporting goods?
Kohl's already has some swimwear out.
Most of the department stores have swimwear out to accommodate people going on vacation. I know for sure they have it stocked at Target, and I think I saw some at Old Navy, too.
I was just at the Walmart on S. 27th and they have at least one rack of swimwear. You could also maybe try Pacsun at Mayfair but I don't know if they have anything out yet.