coolrunning (coolrunning) wrote in cityofmilwaukee,

Pediatrician help

I'm being induced with my first kiddo in two weeks and just realized I never picked a pediatrician... oops. Does anyone have any recommendations? Obviously I have to make sure the doc is in network with my insurance, but I figured this is a place to start.

I live in 'stallis but am willing to drive a little bit (20 minutes or so) for a good doctor. All I'm really looking for is a practice with a good on call/after hours service for those middle of the night issues, especially with a new born, and someone who isn't going to throw an antibiotic at the kid for every cough/sniffle/sneeze he has. Someone who does some holistic approaches would be nice, but I won't hold my breath on that one.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: doctors, kids, pediatricians, west allis
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