coolrunning (coolrunning) wrote in cityofmilwaukee,

I'm a stay at home mom (and student) to a 4 month old. I've been cooped up all winter and I'm going nuts. I'm looking for any sort of class I can do with my son, even if we have to wait until he's 6 months. I'd really like a yoga class but the youngest ages I've seen offered around here is 2 years. And the youngest age I've seen for swimming is 18 months. I have family in Madison and they've done yoga locally with their 6 month old, but I'm obviously not driving to Madison.

Does anyone know of anything around here that I can do with a 6 month old, besides walking through museums and stores, and parenting networks that just sit around and discuss motherhood? I need to actually MOVE and walks only go so far. I'm in West Allis but I'll drive a bit if it means getting out of the house. Thanks!
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