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Milwaukee LJ Community
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
If you live in Milwaukee, live near Milwaukee, have lived in Milwaukee, are planning to live in Milwaukee, visit Milwaukee frequently, or just really like Milwaukee for some reason, this community is for you.


1. No spam. Spam is defined, for the purposes of this community, as (1) ads for non-Milwaukee-related communities, sites, or journals; (2) frequently repeated postings of ads for anything. As an example of number two, if you want to post an ad for something (say, a radio show) weekly, that's probably fine. Posting about it daily is not fine. If I think your post is spam, I will warn you that I am deleting your post, and then I will delete it. If you want to try to convince me that your post isn't spam, or have any questions about why I deleted your post, you can e-mail me and we'll discuss it.

2. LJ-cut. Put all large images and long posts behind an LJ-cut. A good rule of thumb is that any image wider than about 500 pixels is too large to post without a cut, and if you're posting more than one image of any size, put all images after the first one behind a cut. Long posts are less easily defined, but the general rule is that if someone (including me) posts a comment asking you to cut your post, you should cut it. If you refuse to cut your post after being asked, I'll delete your post, and you can repost it with an LJ-cut if you like.

3. Keep posts on-topic. This is pretty self-explanatory--all posts should be at least tangentially related to Milwaukee. I won't be too strict about this, because I don't want to limit what's discussed here too much. If I see a post that I think doesn't belong here, I'll post a comment asking you to remove it.

4. No trolling. Trolling is defined as (1) posting or commenting for no other reason than to start a fight (Also known as flaming. Starting discussions is fine. Starting fights is not); (2) personally attacking someone in a post or comment. If you need more clarification, I invite you to read these definitions: trolling and flaming. Once again, I don't care how trollish you are elsewhere, but keep it away from this community. Repeated trolling will get you banned from posting in this community.

What will get you banned: Repeatedly and deliberately breaking any of these rules after being warned. Random obnoxious behavior, like posting an entire 100-line post in the largest text size possible, will also get you warned, and banned if your behavior persists.

If you're still unclear, or would like a more humorous version of these rules, see altoidsaddict's guide to not making an ass of yourself on LJ communities.

I can't always check on every post and every comment in this community to make sure it follows these rules, so if you see a problem that's not being dealt with, you can e-mail me and I'll check it out.

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communities are added to this list as I find out about them; e-mail me if you have a community you want listed.

Where to vote in Milwaukee

Milwaukee weather:

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